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I rearrange my house all the time & that’s okay.

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Change is hard for most people, we have all learned this from watching that sweet old lady in the grocery store write her check to purchase her groceries while we patiently hold our debit cards and wait for her to finish. Change is tough but if we start to see the benefits of adapting to our environments and assuming change will be a part of our lives for the rest of  our lives we may end up living a happier life. This is why I change things in my life often and with the intention to grow into a better person. I know humans like to find their comfort zone and stay within those self created boundaries but there is something exhilarating about breaking the mold and choosing to try new things. For me personally, I rearrange my house all the time. It’s a small thing with a huge impact.

Usually the movement of my things coincides with the seasons but sometimes I just get in a mood & decide I need to change things around. The creative flow of discovering new ways to live comfortably is exciting. There is a sense of rejuvenation when I walk into my home that next day and see the new space I have created. Stunned and a bit bewildered for just a millisecond, I usually take in a fresh breath and feel reset. It’s a rush! I think there is something healthy about creating a new environment, especially one that highlights that personal artistic style each of us possesses. The entire process is all a part of either finding or displaying our identity. It’s important to have an identity and it’s important to challenge that identity often. This I what rearranging does for me, it allows me to safely challenge who I am what lifestyle I want to build for myself.

Rearranging is usually one part of the process, I also enjoy getting rid of things and starting fresh with a minimalistic style. I can thank my younger sister Sierra Camelia for this exposure to minimalism, she has a very informative blog site with so many ideas on how to adapt to a minimalist lifestyle. Cleansing my home of unnecessary items and replacing them with either nothing or something minimalistic in comparison is a healthy approach to change. So go out & change your life around! I promise, it’s all good.

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