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The sound of kids laughing fades in and out as they run from room to room. I sip on my glass of red blend and listen to the chatter of family members scattered around. The smells of roasted turkey, stuffing and pies fill the air. Stomachs are starting to growl as everyone gathers in a circle grasping each other’s hands in preparation of the blessing. This is a blog to celebrate my heritage.

I was born and raised in the south part of the United States in central Texas. We do things a little slower in the south and every town has its own charming eccentricities. A huge feast is always the main focus, most guests bring a dish of their favorite side while mom takes care of the bird. My family makes certain dishes every year without fail and others vary from corn casserole to sweet potato pie casserole. My favorite and a permanent fixture in our Thanksgiving spread is the green bean casserole. A good ol’ southern fall harvest is not complete without some kind of casserole. Wine is another addition to the table, usually a red blend from various family vineyards or even grandpa’s homemade wine if we are lucky. Fall harvest decorations are spread throughout the house, the same ones every year of course. Relatives and friends from all over join in the celebration of the abundance in our lives.

Outside the leaves have either fallen or summer is still trying to hang around because in the south our weather has its own plans. Midday all the cousins sneak off to the movies to watch a fall premiere, the parents usually still chatting in the living room upon their return. We play soft music on the stereo and after our bellies are full we put the last bit of the football game on T.V because you’ve got to show your respects to the sport. One of the aunties hands out slices of homemade pie that someone picked up from a local mom and pop restaurant while we catch up with one another.

The day ends with everyone taking photos and usually going on a walk. This is my traditional harvest celebration we call Thanksgiving. All over the world, there are different traditions and all are meant to be celebrations! This day of gratitude and celebrations, feasting and relaxing, it should be a day to look forward to every year. Comment with your favorite fall harvest celebration traditions.

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