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Today we are going to talk about being single. There are SO MANY opinions about this subject I don’t even know where to start. I was single throughout my entire twenties and still, in my thirties, I have chosen to stay single. I have heard every opinion there is on the subject so here is my take on it… IT IS AWESOME. Of course being with someone who loves and respects you and is your best friend is wonderful, but so is doing whatever the hell you want whenever you want.  There is a bit of a selfish side to who I am and this is the side of me that takes care of my heart and soul.

As a single female who travels solo most of the time I have a bit of insight for those of you who want to take a similar path in life. Everything about traveling and even living a solo life is amazing (except when you have to carry all of the groceries in… that always sucks.) Aside from grocery carrying, single life is an adventure all on its own! I take myself on adventures as often as possible, sometimes in my own hometown other times somewhere exotic or snowy. I have taken a trip down to the Gulf of Mexico at North Padre Island, I have been all over Arizona and California and let’s not forget Las Vegas. On most of these trips, I was by myself. I do have to take additional precautions when traveling solo, especially when traveling to other countries. I register with “STEP” which is a registrar our U.S government manages where you can submit your travel itinerary for them to keep on file. If you are a female traveling solo from the U.S I highly recommend going to this site and registering all of your travel plans: https://step.state.gov 

Other than the boring adult stuff like staying safe 😉 I very much enjoy taking time by myself to relax and find enjoyment in who I am. I believe it is healthy to be by yourself and allow your mind the freedom to think without any other person inserting their opinion. Staying single through my twenties is not something I planned on and at times I even remember thinking something may be wrong with me since I couldn’t seem to ever meet another human I wanted to hang out with for the rest of my life. I now realize that being single through my twenties was probably the best thing that ever happened to me. I was forced to find myself and hold myself accountable for my actions. I didn’t have anyone telling me what to do or how to do it which allowed me to discover pieces of me I may have never found if I had been seriously dating someone.

I am now 34 years old and I stay single on purpose because I want to travel and blog and go back to school; I don’t think I would have time to give someone the attention they would deserve while I am pursuing my own dreams. I think someday if the right person comes along I would settle into a relationship but one thing I know I will never do is SETTLE DOWN. So if you want to join this circus of a life I have, great, otherwise, I’ll catch you on the flip side my friend!

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